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Google’s Flutter 2 lets developers build apps for Web, foldables

“Write once, run everywhere” is one of the long-standing dreams of many programmers, especially as the number of platforms and devices “everywhere” increase. That was

Is React Native the right tool for Mobile App Development

React Native is a JavaScript framework. It provides native rendering of mobile applications for iOS and Android, per Thinkwik. React Native gives free information to

Microsoft invites web apps to support Surface Duo and Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Microsoft Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 have been compared and contrasted but, curiously, Microsoft doesn’t think they’re that different, at least

The new Mac Pro isn’t even here yet, but Logic Pro X is ready

Apple’s potent new Mac Pro isn’t even on shelves yet, but the company can’t help tease us with updates for some of the apps that’ll

As Pebble is given its death sentence, its most loyal fans are racing to rebuild it

Come 30 June, the lights will be switched off Since the new year started, Pebble users have been on borrowed time. When the company closed

First iOS app dev center opens in Europe

Apple has announced that it has opened its very first iOS app development center in Europe. The goal of the center is to help students