Apple Watch Series 5 reviews praise the always-on display, but battery life is a ‘compromise’

You’ll still likely need to charge it once a day.

The new iPhones and their fancy cameras might be getting all of the attention, but they aren’t the only new Apple products going on sale this week. The Apple Watch Series 5 ($399 to $1,399) is also set to hit shelves and based on the early reviews, day-one adopters will be very happy.

While the new watch is a very modest upgrade, every reviewer loved its marquee feature: the always-on display. Daring Fireball’s Jon Gruber wrote almost exclusively about it in his review, concluding that he would have ordered one “even if Apple had put up a slide that said “’Just one new feature: Always-on display.’” He says that “no other feature or improvement to Apple Watch to date has ever made me this happy.”

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