Samsung just reminded the world why iPhones are better

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iPhone 13 Pro 120Hz display now looks like a lock — thanks to Samsung

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iOS 15: Release Date, Features, and What We Know So Far

Apple is expected to announced iOS 15, the next big update coming to iPhone, on June 7th at WWDC. Get ready, everyone: Apple officially confirmed

Garmin Venu 2 and 2S health-focused smartwatches deliver more features for the same starting price as the original

Garmin has released the Venu 2 and Venu 2S GPS smartwatches with a range of improvements over the original. Both are compatible with Android smartphones

iOS 15: iPad set for huge software overhaul after iPad Pro M1 release

iOS is the foundation of every iPhone and iPad and we expect to see iOS 15 arrive later this year. Here’s everything we know so

What is Apple MagSafe? The iPhone and MacBook technology explained

Apple MagSafe is making a comeback, as it’s not only starring in the iPhone 12, but also rumoured to feature in the upcoming MacBook Pro

Apple just changed trade-in values for iPhones and iPads — here’s what you get now

You should have traded in your MacBook Air last week Apple has updated the trade-in values for multiple products, and it’s decreased the amount of

iOS 15: 6 things we want from the next version of Apple’s iPhone software

iOS is the foundation of every iPhone and iPad and we expect to see iOS 15 arrive later this year. If you use one of

iOS 14.5 could let you install security updates without updating your software

The fourth beta of Apple’s newest operating software was released to developers this week – and it looks like there’s good news for users with

iPhone 13: Bigger battery on the way, but it’ll come at a cost

Apple only launched its most recent array of iPhones a few months ago, but we’re already looking forward to what the company could have in

31 Amazon Echo tips, tricks and features

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Rumor suggests iPhones will get a periscopic telephoto lens by 2023

A new rumor is floating around, focusing on an interesting feature rumored to come to future iPhone models in 2023. The rumor comes from noted

Foldable iPhone just leaked — and it could be an 8-inch beast

A leading Apple analyst says a foldable iPhone isn’t in the cards until 2023 Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo can’t stop talking about iPhones these days. After

5 things we’ve learned about the iPhone 13 this week

It’s been a busy week for the iPhone 13 rumor mill. From improved storage to an in-screen fingerprint scanner, Apple’s next device looks set to

iPhone 13 leak reveals this feature is dead — and Samsung Galaxy S21 is laughing

Why can’t Apple do reverse wireless charging? Apple has reportedly cancelled its plans to add a feature to the iPhone 13 similar to Samsung’s PowerShare. The

iPhone 13: Apple’s flagship to finally get a classic Android feature this year

Apple only launched its most recent array of iPhones a few months ago, but we’re already looking forward to what the company could have in

iPhone 13 leak reveals always-on display, portrait mode video and a way to shoot the night sky

Big display and camera changes are ahead for Apple’s iPhone 13 A big iPhone 13 leak has revealed an always-on display, design changes and some smart new

iPhone 13 could use Always-On Display for clock, battery

The iPhone X back in 2017 was the first to fulfill the long-rumored move from LCD screens to OLED panels for Apple’s iPhones. OLED technology

iPhone 13: Everything we know about Apple’s 2021 flagship so far

Apple only launched its most recent array of iPhones a few months ago, but we’re already looking forward at what the company could have in

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Canalys: competitors gobble up Huawei’s lost market share in Q4, Honor faces uphill battle

2020 ended with a strong three months for Apple – the company shipped the most iPhones ever in a single quarter, specifically 81.8 million units,

iPhone 13 is going to be a different deal: Here’s why

It is probably very early to make a claim about the forthcoming iPhone – or a new lineup. But with rumors flowing in from every

With the Galaxy S21, Samsung has finally figured out the iPhone’s secret: Value

Samsung thinks different and it pays off. Apple isn’t exactly known for its low prices. The iPhone X was the first handset to cost more

New Apple patents show future MacBooks may charge iPhones wirelessly

This week Apple was granted a pair of patents that have to do with two-way charging. Owners of some Android devices will be familiar with

Moto G Stylus 2021 leak is literally big

One of the arguments often thrown against using a stylus on a phone is the smaller screen size compared even to the smallest tablets. While

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen) review

We now live in a world where new iPhones drop once a year and true wireless headphones and portable speakers reach fifth and sixth iterations

Fast Charge: Retro iPhones and forgettable foldables top 2020’s biggest mobile disappointments

2020’s been a weird year and that remains true in the world of mobile phones where we’ve seen some key developments, not all of them

iOS 14.3 update is out now, and it’ll change the way you work out and take photos

Apple’s iOS 14.3 update has launched, bringing with it new long-awaited features for your iPhone. It’s the biggest change since since iOS 14 launched in

iOS 14.3 will be on your iPhone next week – here’s how we know

Rumors have suggested iOS 14.3 will be landing on iPhones around the world in the coming days, but now Apple has confirmed the software will

This is why iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are almost impossible to find in stock

Trying to order an iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max and realized it’s out of stock in nearby stores and will take a month