iOS 15 might bid farewell to iPhone 6s and original iPhone SE

Apple is often praised for its software update practices, particularly for iOS and iPadOS. Compared to Android, even with the new three-year commitments from some

iOS 15 to lose support for a number of iPhones – rumour

If this early rumour is to be believed, iOS 15 might spell the end of updates for a number of older Apple iPhones. When Apple

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Your iPhone is about to get an update, but it’s a very minor one that will fix a variety of bugs that those with iOS

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iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max: What should you buy?

Our iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max comparison will help you decide which phone is best for you f you want one of Apple’s

Apple Silicon MacBooks aren’t getting touchscreens — and that’s a good thing

Touchscreens are for iPads and iPhones, not laptops. MacBooks haven’t had the best time of it recently, what with the terrible butterfly keyboards vastly outstaying their welcome.

iPhone 12 Pro Max teardown reveals battery size, and it’s smaller than 11 Pro Max

Apple doesn’t tend to reveal the capacities of the batteries inside its iPhones, so we have to wait for detailed teardowns of the devices to

iOS 14.3: Apple releases first beta to devleopers

This update adds ProRAW for iPhone 12 Pro and a handful of other features and fixes. Apple’s big product release roadmap for the fall continues

Camera test: iPhone 12 vs. 12 Pro vs. 11 Pro

Introduction The new iPhones are out – but which one to get? Should I upgrade or not? Is one measurably better than the other one?

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iPhone 12 might be hiding a long-awaited feature – could MagSafe unlock its potential?

Apple has been rumored to be bringing reverse wireless charging to iPhones for a couple of years now. It’s yet to officially appear, but a

iPhone 12 looks like it’s hiding a reverse charging feature after all

Apple has been rumored to be bringing reverse wireless charging to iPhones for a couple of years now. It’s yet to officially appear, but a

LG Display moves back into profitability thanks to iPhones and OLED TVs

After several straight quarters of losses, LG Display made a profit during the third quarter of 2020 and its success was in part due to

iPhone 12: Which models have which cameras?

Apple doesn’t make its naming system easy to understand, but to be fair, the company is hardly alone in this. This year’s class of new

Apple iPhone 12 Pro review

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro is here complete with a new design, a tougher screen, new processor, and even 5G. So, is this a huge

iOS 14.1 is rolling out to eligible iPhones right now, but it’s not a huge improvement

The first update to iOS 14 is rolling out, so if you’ve got an eligible Apple smartphone (an iPhone 6S or later) you’ll soon be

Hot Take: iPhone 12 lineup

Seven years since the launch of the iPhone 4s, Apple didn’t launch its new iPhones in September. Instead, we got them last week, a whole

The iPhone 12 series’ battery sizes are listed in full

Unlike most Android OEMs, Apple does not include battery capacities in its spec lists for iPhones. However, it may be a particularly pressing issue this

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy the iPhone 12

After thousands of rumors and leaks, Apple finally announced one of the most anticipated products of 2020, the iPhone 12 series, coming in with a redesigned chassis,

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