Apple Watch Series 4 investigation: Exploring the new Watch evidence

What to expect from the next generation smartwatch

You know it, we know it, the world knows it. In 2018, it’s pretty likely – sorry pretty much nailed on – we will see a new Apple Watch next year.

Tim Cook and company work like clockwork, so just like its smartphones there should be a new smartwatch on the way too. Whether it’s called the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch 4 or something entirely different, we can start the guessing game now, but as sales of the Watch seem to be on the steady rise, the next iteration could be Apple’s most important yet.

Why? Because the new Watch could cement itself as the number one smartwatch (and watch brand) ahead of the likes of Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit and fashion brands like Fossil who are all getting in on the connected timepiece action as well.

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