Apple Watch Series 2: Why GPS tracking for runners is so impressive

A breakdown of how one of Apple’s most impressive Watch Series 2 features works

I’ve been living with the Apple Watch Series 2 for a while now and it’s still in my opinion the best smartwatch to own right now. As a runner, I’ve been switching between Apple’s smartwatch and the Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS sports watch to see how the well the Watch Series 2 works for runners.

Apple Watch GPS tracking explained

But while fitness app support and battery life have still left me underwhelmed, I’ve been blown away by is how quickly the Series 2 picks up a GPS signal. Apple promised seconds and it really is that quick. There’s no waiting around whether you’re in a built up city or out in the countryside. You wake up the Watch, go to the Workout app, select outdoor run and you’re ready to go.

So how does the Series 2 make it so easy to get out and run? I’ve been doing a bit of investigation to understand exactly how it all works.

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