Ezviz Mini 360 Plus review


When standard fixed-angle security cameras don’t cover enough ground, pan/tilt models make smart alternatives — they raise, lower and rotate to capture more of a room.

The $80 Ezviz Mini 360 Plus has a 340-degree panning angle and an 80-degree tilting angle that you can either adjust manually or set to “auto-tracking” mode to follow motion activity for you. It also works with IFTTT and comes with local as well as optional cloud storage for an additional fee. The Mini 360 Plus has limited availability in the UK and isn’t currently sold in Australia; the price converts to roughly £65/AU$105 at the current exchange rate.

Unfortunately, the Mini 360 Plus wasn’t particularly good at following motion activity — one of its core features. I’d look instead to the $150 Zmodo Pivot for a true 360 cam that tracks activity without stumbling.

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