9 of the best Apple MacBook Pro (2016) accessories

All the gear you need to make your shiny new MacBook Pro even better

Are you the proud owner of a brand new MacBook Pro? Congratulations. We’re happy for you, and not jealous at all. Nope. Not one bit 🙂

While you’re probably too busy ogling its gorgeous screen and running your hands across its fancy Touch Bar (not to mention caressing its premium – thinner than ever – aluminium body), you’re probably too distracted to realise that there’s not a lot you can actually plug into it. Like say, your Tactical Slightly Blacker Black iPhone 7, for example.

There’s no denying the MacBook Pro’s beauty, of course, but in Apple’s bid to simplify everything in the name of a pretty face, the new MacBook Pro could definitely be a little more… functional.

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