Canon EOS M10 Review

For the first time, Canon has expanded its EOS mirrorless camera line with a second, concurrent model. With past models, each new successor replaced the one before it, but with the Canon EOS M10, the Japanese camera maker is offering an additional, more entry-level model to sit beneath the beefier, more complex EOS M3.

Canon EOS M10 Review -- Product Image

The goal of the EOS M10 is to provide step-up users — be it from just a smartphone or from a compact camera — with interchangeable-lens camera image quality and features in a compact and easy to use package.

Borrowing many of the features and design from the earlier Canon EOS M2, which never officially made it to US shores, the EOS M10 takes a step beyond the M2 with a newer image processor and improved image quality, as well as some cosmetic and operability enhancements.

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