7 Ways Samsung’s Gear S3 Beats the Apple Watch

With all of the hype around the Apple Watch 2 — and Google pressing pause on updating Android Wear — it’s easy to forget that Samsung has its own new smartwatch in the Gear S3.

7 Ways Samsung's Gear S3 Beats the Apple Watch

But you shouldn’t, because this Tizen-powered device (now up for for pre-order for $349) actually beats the Apple Watch in several areas. Although it doesn’t offer as many apps and you can’t swim with it, Samsung’s wearable offers several advantages.

It looks like a real (sexy) watch

While the Apple Watch looks like a shrunken iPhone on your wrist, the Gear S3 has the look and feel of an exquisite timepiece. It helps that Samsung worked with a Swiss designer, who helped created a wearable with a large 1.3-inch OLED display, elegant rotating dial and strong stainless steel case.

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