Vizio SmartCast M-series M55-D0 4K Ultra HD TV Review : Middling Performance

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Vizio SmartCast M55-D0

Vizio’s 55-inch M55-D0 4K TV finds itself holding the middle ground, which can be challenging. Attacked on one side by comparably performing, lower-priced sets and on the other by more expensive but superior TVs, the M-Series could well get crossed off on many shopping lists.

Ostensibly, this $800, 55-inch TV offers a lot of upmarket features. Not only is it a 4K LCD set with a full-array LED backlight, but it also supports high dynamic range (HDR) content for delivering more intense colors. It supports the Dolby Vision version of the format, too, and comes with an Android tablet that acts as a sophisticated remote control that’s especially adept at managing streaming content. The problem for the M-Series is that despite these higher-end features, the 55-inch TV doesn’t deliver the kind of performance that would justify its price.

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