360 Earbuds review: Amazing sound, rich bass, great price

The only problem that these earbuds present is what do we do with all of the other earbuds that we own?

The 360 Earbuds with virtual sound and premium bass is a Kickstarter project that is well funded and has an estimated delivery date of December 2017. They make quite a few claims in regards to the sound of their new 360 Earbuds on their Kickstarter website. But the list of earbuds and earphones on the market seems to get longer by the day, and most of these make wild claims about their product as well. But most of those other new earbuds have not earned a Techaeris Top Pick of 2017 Award. Read on for the full review of the 360 Earbuds, and find out what they got right to earn this award.


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