Pacquiao Mobile Game, Fighting Pride, Now In Open Beta

There’s a new mobile game in town. Gamer fans of the legendary boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao will be thrilled with this new game called “Fighting

Fortnite Rainbow Royale gets LGBTQIA+ colorful with free items

The Fortnite Rainbow Royale event just appeared in the in-game shop for all platforms. This event is a celebration of Fortnite’s LGBTQIA+ community with assurances

Android TV is getting some of the best Google TV features this week

Google is updating some Android TV devices with features from the newer and sexier Google TV platform, which powers the latest Chromecast with Google TV.

Xiaomi Mi TV ES 2022 Introduced: Up to 75-Inch Diagonal From $526

At the launch event today, Xiaomi introduced a new low-cost TV in China – Xiaomi Mi TV ES 2022, which is positioned by the manufacturer as a

AGM to launch AGM M6 Rugged Phone this week. Phone Details, Official Photo and how AGM designed it

AGM, the rugged smartphone manufacturer has been in the business of producing communication devices that can withstand the toughest environments since 2008. On 18th June,

This Bentley Unifying Spur art car is an ode to love, progress, and unified diversity

The European Diversity month is coming to a close to make way for Pride celebrations this June. Commemorating this event is Bentley’s Flying Spur art car. Affectionately

2022 Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS Review (13 Fast Facts)

Super naked, streetfighter, wheelie machine; call them what you will, and we owe it all to the original hooligan known as the Triumph Speed Triple

2021 Maserati MC20 First Drive Review: Passion Project

“Pride” is an annoying buzzword in the auto industry. Automakers routinely talk about how proud they are of X or how Y is so great

AGM Unveils New AGM M7 Handset to the World. World’s biggest speaker, Maximum Protection and 4G frequency bands

AGM, the rugged smartphone manufacturer has been in the business of producing communication devices that can withstand the toughest environments since 2008. On 30th April,

Timex’s Cult-Hit Quartz Watch Goes Slightly Smaller, But Gets More Retro-Tastic Than Ever

It’s still one of the most fun and affordable watches you’d actually want to wear. We love Timex’s Q series for several reasons. First and

The Top 20 Watch Brands to Know

Which are “best” is up to you, but you should absolutely be familiar with these companies. The name on a watch dial can tell you

The Realme 8 Pro sounds great – but this odd trend needs to stop

The Realme 8 Pro is a tempting prospect, offering a selection of high-end specs for a price that undercuts much of the competition. As good

This Lexus IS Wax Edition is perfect for vinyl purists

No, we’re not talking about vinyl body wrapping, which the Lexus IS Wax Edition sports with pride. We mean vinyl records from the past, specifically

PS5 exclusives drove me to buy Xbox Series X — here’s why

I love the PS5, but I don’t like the way Sony is handling exclusives I’ve always considered myself something of a PlayStation fanboy.  When I

Canon EOS R6 Reviews : Top Selling Mirrorless Camera

Here are several new Canon EOS R6 reviews, that gives the EOS R6 the praises it deserves. We are saying this because Canon EOS R6 Won

NF Audio NM2+ Review

The NF Audio NM2+ earphone has been hyped across audio forums for its performance…time to test this hype. The NM2+ is a revision of their

Cadillac got a bad reputation for infotainment – here’s how its Lyriq EV will change that

Cadillac’s Lyriq all-electric luxury crossover isn’t expected to hit dealerships until late 2022, but that hasn’t stopped the automaker from previewing some of what should

OPPO X1 rollable concept phone, AR Glasses lead company’s future vision

Although it is only recently that OPPO’s name became more familiar around the world, the company has long been making innovations in the smartphone space,

Samsung’s first 5nm chip is here, but it won’t debut on the Galaxy S21

Samsung has finally announced its first 5nm chipset, joining the likes of Apple and Huawei and ahead of Qualcomm unveiling the Snapdragon 875. The Exynos

Fast Charge: Apple and Google made me love small phones again

It’s been a busy few weeks of phones reviews, with ‘Techtember’ and ‘Techtober’ really outdoing themselves.  Two of the most important devices that have taken

We’re Looking to Expand the Team and Make Some New Hires

Hi everyone, The Phoblographer is doing a call for part-time positions here on staff. Two of them are for international hires, and one positively must

Nikon Nikkor Z 24-200 f/4-6.3 lens review

A wide-angle lens was always a luxury in the years I was dabbling with DSLR photography. Even newsrooms with many photographers and camera kits would

We’re Hiring: Reviews Editor, Vintage Camera Expert, and Podcast Editor

To continue pushing the needle, The Phoblographer is looking to grow and sustainably expand the staff. Hi everyone, The Phoblographer is doing a call for

4 Badass ATVs of 2020

The ATV category of vehicles has always presented the world with some of the most rugged and hardcore four-wheelers. These compact sized vehicles get dirty

These Colorful German-Made Watches Support a Good Cause

The Nomos x Cool Hunting Club Campus 38 Pride watches represent the colors of the rainbow in six vibrant versions. A welcome trend in the

18 Cameras We’ve Reviewed and Loved That Easily Double as Webcams

If you’re looking for a webcam, then take pride in the fact that we’ve reviewed some of the best. The single most in-demand feature of

Apple celebrates virtual Pride with two new Apple Watch bands

The traditional pageantry of Pride month may be missing this year, because coronavirus has forced the cancellation of physical parades in cities around the world.

2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV Has Greater Range but Little Swagger

An upgraded battery keeps the 2020 Bolt in the hunt with other big-range compact EVs, but it still lacks any sort of emotional pull. The Chevrolet

The Leica M4: A Camera for the Thinking Photographer With Skill

Leica was serious when they took pride in the M4 as a no-frills, no electronics “think camera” for pro photographers. Leica cameras have come to

ATC launches C1 Sub Mk2 active subwoofer

Faithful to the signal The ATC badge that adorns the company’s speakers marks the firm’s pride in their ‘Acoustic Engineer’ credentials. They’ve used this know-how,