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LG used to create a mini variant of their flagship G-series smartphone. They had it with the LG G2 Mini, the LG G3 Beat, LG

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One thing is for sure, LG didn’t play it safe – the LG G5 turned V10’s dual-camera setup 180°. Unlike previous dual-camera setups, this one

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LG G4 first non-Nexus to get Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Some Android device manufacturers simply slap Android on their devices and consider the job done. Some even try to make Android almost indistinguishable from Android,

LG G4 Pro launches as LG V10 with dual screens & premium specs: LG V10 UK release date, price, features, specifications & pictures

LG has officially confirmed its V10 dual-screen smartphone, which you might know as the LG G4 Pro. We reveal the LG V10 UK release date, features,

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Android Marshmallow update coming to LG G4, G3, not G2

The next big update for Google’s mobile devices, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, is currently being prepared for a number of LG devices. We’ve been informed that

Galaxy Note 5, OnePlus Two, LG G4 three-way speed test sees who’s fastest

If you are in the market for a new phablet the last thing you want to do is plunk your hard earned money down on

LG G4c review: As the LG G4 mini the G4c is smaller and cheaper than the G4, but this mid-range Android phone makes too many compromises

THE LG G4 MINI THAT MAKES TOO MANY COMPROMISES There’s no official LG G4 mini, but this mid-range phone is the closest you’ll find to one.

Blind Camera Test: Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 vs LG G4 in low light

Today we’re conducting a test which will decide the finest of three of the best-rated smartphone cameras on the market today. We’re testing the Apple

LG G4 vs. LG G4 Beat tech specs

LG has announced the arrival of a smaller and cheaper version of its flagship G4 smartphone. But what separates these two devices? Let’s find out

LG G4 drone footage released in full HD

This morning LG released footage of the LG G4 working with a mount on a high-powered drone. If you’re the sort of person to pick

The LG G4 is getting updates you can’t turn down

When a software update is ready for your smartphone, you usually get a friendly notification that lets you refuse the fix if you’re anxious or

The LG G4 is now in the US and here’s where to get it

LG has just fired the gun, signaling the widespread availability of its flagship in the US. Given the LG G4’s rather high profile marketing, especially

iFixit’s LG G4 teardown gets 8 out of 10 in repairability

iFixit is back with what they do best: another teardown and analysis of a new mobile device. This time they’ve tackled the new LG G4,

Verizon starts LG G4 pre-order 28th May, G Pad X8.3 in tow

The ball has started rolling for the LG G4’s launch in the US, and, unsurprisingly, Verizon Wireless is one of the first on the scene.

LG G4 reportedly priced slightly higher than Galaxy S6

Leading into the April 28 launch of their latest flagship, the G4, LG has been busy teasing us with all the cool features it has,

LG G4 ready to take on Samsung with leather, batteries, curves

Next week, LG will finally be unveiling its star contender for this year and it undoubtedly believes it has a winning formula. Truly, the LG

LG G4 price is set to topple the LG G3

Details of the LG G4 have been leaking out left, right and center – today we managed to get our first inkling of the price,

LG G4 Stylus, G4c: G4 in name, mid-range in nature

Like before, LG is going to squeeze out every bit that it can from a winning name. Just as the LG G3 last year had

AT&T’s LG Escape2 is the LG Spirit in spirit

Some carriers tend to rename their versions of a particular device, perhaps just to set it apart from the competition. That seems to be the

LG G4 begins its global journey

If you’ve been on the edge of your seats waiting for LG’s flagship to finally land on the market, then the wait is over for

It’s the LG G4’s turn to get a brutal drop test

The Samsung twin flagships have had their fun, sort of, so now it’sLG’s turn in the spotlight. Considering the rivalry between the two Korean companies,

Consumer Reports says Galaxy S5 better than Galaxy S6 (yes, really)

Our Android readers are probably facing a bit of a dilemma. Should you buy the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, HTC One M9, or LG G4?

LG G4 hits Sprint and US Cellular this June

The newly announced flagship phone will be available on all four major US carriers, but Sprint and US Cellular are first up, offering the device

Qualcomm says don’t fear the Snapdragon 808

Although the new LG G4 smartphone will be using Qualcomm’s 808 — and not the 810, its higher-end cousin — the chipmaker is still betting