LG Q6 Review

LG used to create a mini variant of their flagship G-series smartphone. They had it with the LG G2 Mini, the LG G3 Beat, LG G4 Beat. They skipped it with the modular LG G5.

LG G6+, LG G6, LG Q6

This year, LG is somewhat bringing back the mini. They were even reports of a 5.4-inch LG G6 Mini a few months back. From the looks of it, the LG Q6 is perhaps the unofficial LG G6 Mini this year.

Design and Construction

From all intents and purposes, the LG Q6 is a slightly smaller version of the LG G6 — from the all-metal unibody design (uses the same Series 7000 aluminum) to the FullVision glass display at the front. Of course, not all is the same. Some major features were shaved off on the Q6, one of which is the fingerprint scanner at the back.

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