Verizon starts LG G4 pre-order 28th May, G Pad X8.3 in tow

The ball has started rolling for the LG G4’s launch in the US, and, unsurprisingly, Verizon Wireless is one of the first on the scene. The carrier has just announced that starting May 28, with a shipping schedule that starts before June 4, when the smartphone will land in Verizon stores. Available from its newly revamped Edge program, Verizon is also throwing in some discount deals when you buy an LG G4, including an LG Watch Urbane or an LG G Pad X8.3, which also launches on May 28.

You’re probably filled to the brim with info about LG’s latest flagship, so let’s cut to the chase and bring some notable highlights forward instead. LG, of course, wants to emphasize the genuine, not faux, leather rear covers, which can be swapped with plastic ones if desired. But the real attention grabber isn’t exactly one that can be immediately seen.

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