LG G4 drone footage released in full HD

This morning LG released footage of the LG G4 working with a mount on a high-powered drone. If you’re the sort of person to pick up a drone and fly it around Los Angeles, you’ll know exactly what it’s like to have to deal with less-than-fantastic camera action on built-in units with the lesser of the drones on the market today. This solution looks to be just about the best there is. You’ll also notice that this drone owner uses the leather-clad LG G4, of course.

LG G4 drone footage released in full HD

While we’re still awaiting the full 4K video release from the LG G4 aboard a drone, this 1080p video action will just have to do for now. What you’re about to see is the LG G4 connected with a camera holder that also moves with a robotic remote control. This is a DJI drone and a LG smartphone – separate solutions working as one.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/zbyhUkD29nM”]

The drone you’re seeing comes from the DJI Spreading Wings series. While we’re waiting to hear back from LG about the exact model, it’s almost certainly either the Spreading Wings S1000+ or the Spreading Wings S1000. These machines are powerful enough to carry around a DSLR camera with ease.

Based on our experience with the LG G4 so far, we can pretty safely say that the footage you’re seeing here is indeed captured with the smartphone. We’ve seen nothing but some of the highest-quality video and photos captured with this device in our time with the device for our full LG G4 review – of that you can be sure.