Aliens: Fireteam Elite nails the adrenaline rush of facing an overwhelming xenomorph hive

We’ve been here before – staring down the shattered remains of a space colony corridor, gas vents steaming, strobe lights pulsing, the sounds of metal

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Two high-performance hero cars from Germany go head-to-head on road and track When it rains, it pours The luxury performance car landscape is a hive

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Hive is continuing its expansion into the smart home with this, its first outdoor security camera. With similar good looks to the indoor model, the

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This security camera’s singular “grab-and-go” design stands out, but its feature set is too basic for serious DIYers. Beyond its innovative design, Hive view offers

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Turning your home into a smart home is still a scary prospect for many – mainly because it sounds like something that will cost a

Micro Car Comparison : Holden Spark v Kia Picanto v Mitsubishi Mirage v Suzuki Celerio v Hyundai Accent

[su_youtube url=”″] Australia’s Micro Car market has been a hive of activity lately. Two brand new models have arrived, the Holden Spark and Kia Picanto,

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Companies, both in consumer electronics and mobile, have been quick to push the Internet of Things idea to customers. That haste, however, might be causing

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“What’s with the bee?” An angry insect might not be the most obvious mascot for a 485 horsepower muscle sedan, but the 2015 Dodge Charger