KitSound Voice One review

Amazon appears to be taking the same approach towards its Alexa voice assistant as the Borg did in Star Trek. In that series, the alien race annexed other species by fusing them with Borg technology, allowing them to be controlled via a hive mind.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Amazon is aiming to conquer the market by putting its Alexa smart assistant technology in a whole range of products, including tablets, phones, and even refrigerators.

One such product is the KitSound Voice One, a wi-fi enabled speaker – and the first Alexa-enabled device to pass through our testing rooms not made by Amazon.


Alexa is Amazon’s equivalent of Siri or Google Assistant. Activate it by saying a wake word (“Alexa”), then you can give your speaker voice commands – including asking your speaker to read you the news, set timers or play music.

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