Hive View review: Attractive design, average features

This security camera’s singular “grab-and-go” design stands out, but its feature set is too basic for serious DIYers.

Beyond its innovative design, Hive view offers solid, if basic, features best suited to smart-home and security newbies.

If U.K. smart home brand Hive hoped to immediately steal some of the shine from competitors with its new Hive View indoor camera, it has succeeded spectacularly. With is satiny finish and unique “grab and go” modular design—the creation of Swiss industrial designer Yves Béhar—this security camera impresses right out of the box.

The cubed camera unit can detach from the magnetic mount on its lightweight brushed-metal stand and operate for short duration on battery power. That gives you the option of temporarily training the View on another room, such as when you need keep tabs on your children while you attend to something upstairs. It’s a design detail that will probably have a lot of utility for a lot of folks.

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