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Canon EOS-1D X Mark III now in development with these new features

Rather than be defeated by them, camera makers have risen up to the challenge posed by smartphones to upgrade their product lines and raise the

Choosing a camera Part 1: should I worry about pixel size?

Pixels are the fundamental building blocks of digital photography: they are the individual elements that capture the light to make up your image. Higher pixel-count

Best entry-level DSLR kits for beginners in 2018

Welcome to our guide to the best entry level DSLRs on the market in 2018 – making it easy for beginners to get the best

Digital Photography – a Guide for Beginners : A useful free guide to de-mystifying digital cameras

We know that if you want to learn the basics of digital photography it can raise a number of questions. What camera will I need

Why the hell do we need 400 megapixels? We don’t even need 100 megapixels, and I’ll prove it

Hasselblad announced a new version of their medium format camera that is capable of producing 400 megapixel images. Generally the first reaction to this kind of thing

LG G5 gets a solid 86 from DxOMark, lands in 5th spot

Unlike the previous two flagships, the LG G5 focused more on modularity than on digital photography. That, however, doesn’t mean that the somewhat modular smartphone

Nikon D500 vs D610 vs D750 vs Canon 5D Mark III Comparison

In this article I’ll compare the new Nikon D500 DX format DSLR versus three full frame cameras, the Nikon D750, Nikon D610 and Canon 5D

DxOMark puts BlackBerry Priv on par with iPhone 6s

Looks like BlackBerry has yet another thing to be proud of with its most recent smartphone. While we’re still not privy to exact and official

DROID Turbo 2 belongs in Top 3, says DxOMark

It seems that DxOMark and Motorola are forming a budding friendship. When the Moto X Style was announced, DxOMark was ready with a review of

Polaroid Snap now available for purchase

Despite the prevalence of smartphones with rather impressive camera sensors,Polaroid, whose name has become synonymous with instant print photography, has managed to still remain relevant

Canon’s next gen EOS include 8K camera, 120 MP SLR

IFA 2015 might be over, but Canon certainly isn’t done teasing the photography world with what could be. Late last month it revealed its plan

Canon Connect Station CS100 hands-on

  Canon has rolled out a new hub specifically for the photographers among us, and it is called the Connect Station CS100. With this device,

Ricoh to launch DSLR with APS-C sensor this Spring

  Ricoh plans to show off a modest array of new photography products at CES 2015 this week, and among them will be a new

Canon PowerShot line scores five new cameras

  In addition to its new Connect Station and some other products it has introduced during this CES 2015, Canon has added five new cameras

Panasonic ZS50, ZS45, and SZ10 are everyday compact cameras

  Panasonic has been busy introducing new products today, and among them are three new compact digital cameras: the ZS50, ZS45, and the SZ10, all

Polaroid iZone camera: a companion for Android and iOS handsets

Among Polaroid’s CES 2015 wares is the iZone camera, a square-shaped compact point-and-shoot camera with optical zoom and the ability to work with your Android

Olympus Air A01 wireless camera leverages your smartphone

Olympus has introduced its own lens-shaped wireless camera designed specifically for use with smartphones: the Olympus Air A01. This camera is similar to Sony’s own

Canon unveils 2015 camera lineup: 5DS, Rebel T6s, ELPH, SX410

  This week we’ve got one whole heck of a lot of Canon photography equipment being revealed, with cameras popping up from the very inexpensive

Nikon gives in, outs a selfie stick for cameras

  Selfies are a living oxymoron. Their popularity seems to thrive despite the general disapproval of society. Selfie sticks, those pronged and telescopic instruments of

Canon XC10 ‘hybrid’ 4k camera features 1″ sensor

  Canon has taken the wraps off its new Canon XC10, a hybrid-like camera that resembles a DSLR, but that is able to shoot high-quality

StabCam is a GoPro stabilizer for the camera’s own mounts

  GoPro’s little action cameras, like most other action cameras, are small and lightweight, which is convenient in many filming scenarios, but comes with a

Pentax K-3 II camera brings GPS, rugged design, and more

  Ricoh has introduced an update to the Pentax K-3, and most aptly it is called the Pentax K-3 II. There are some improvements that

Nikon nudges photographers toward DSLRs with new app

  Mobile photography has done many things: opened up a photography hobby to the masses, ushered in a glut of filtered images, and further divided

Leica M Monochrom Type 246 camera takes black-and-white photos

  Leica has announced a new camera, the Leica M Monochrom camera for taking black-and-white photos. This is the followup to the first-ever digital camera

Panasonic reveals Lumix G7 with focus on 4K video and photos

  Panasonic has just announced the latest in its lineup of Micro Four Thirds DSLRs, the Lumix G7. At its base, the G7 is a

Rhino Slider & Motion review; a must-have movement in photography

  I have a confession: I love House of Cards. Part of the reason for my obsession is the opening sequence (and probably Kevin Spacey’s