Can you repair a battery by yourself?

Can you repair a battery by yourself There are various videos circulating on the internet that explain how to repair a battery yourself. Although everything

Sony’s new hardware brand might target PC players but it’s perfect for PS5

Sony has just launched a PC-centric range of monitors and headsets that PlayStation console owners will definitely want to get their hands on. Say hello

Which industries have dramatically been changed by drones?

Drones, previously associated with war or entertainment, are increasingly being used in a wide range of businesses due to their capacity to increase production and

Choosing the best street racing games on PC

Night lights of the city, beauties on the starting line, bright colors of cars… Street racing has become an integral part of the life of

Audi TT RS bids adieu with a 2022 Heritage Edition tribute

With only ten units available for each color, the Heritage Edition Audi TT RS is a fitting addition to your car collection. You can choose

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection gets a new release date

Last month, Square Enix announced delays for the Life is Strange: Remastered Collection and the Switch version of Life is Strange: True Colors. While other

HTC’s new VR exhibition improves upon classical paintings by adding cats

HTC has teamed up with Japanese artist Shu Yamamoto to bring the artist’s cat art to life in a virtual exhibition on VR platform Viveport. 

Logitech G335 Review

The Logitech G335 headset is a part of the new Color Collection, being the more affordable version of the G733 headset. This wired gaming headset

Space Invader Invincible Collection for Nintendo Switch now available at Datablitz

The Invincible Collection Special Ed. of the iconic game, Space Invaders is now available for Nintendo Switch at DataBlitz. Space Invaders Invincible Collection is a

Skoda Octavia 2022 review

Talk about a crazy press car collection. The day I went to pick up my new Skoda Octavia RS wagon long-term loan car was also

Here’s My Favorite Dress Watch of the Year (Thus Far)

I’m dead tired of limited editions. But this one’s different. If I’m pitched one more damn limited edition watch I swear to God I’m throwing

Halo Infinite is shaking up its battle pass and fans aren’t happy

We already know that Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free-to-play when the game arrives this December. Just like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries

I’m angry about the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X

This long-time Halo fan is rather annoyed the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console exists Yesterday Microsoft revealed a bunch of information about Halo Infinite

This Automatic GMT Watch Is $750. Seriously.

The Maen Greenwich 38mm GMT packs a lacquer dial and Swiss automatic movement. How much bang for buck can microbrands cram into watches these days?

Your Garmin watch is getting a bundle of new tools to help you get fitter

If you own a high-end Garmin watch, there’s good news – it’s about to get even better. Watches in the Fenix 6 series, the MARQ

Honor Magic 3 Pro Review: A 50-Megapixel With 100x Zoom

The long-awaited Honor Magic 3 series was finally released. As the representative of Honor’s ultra-high-end flagship, it is also a collection of many cutting-edge technologies,

How to install Phonto on PC

Phonto offers an easy-to-use, effective, and simple photo editor for Android users. So, what makes Phonto so amazing? First of all, Phonto can add text

Halo Infinite’s huge file size isn’t a surprise, but it’s a growing problem on Xbox Series X

Halo Infinite will apparently require 97.24GB of storage space to download, according to a leaked image from the Microsoft Store. If that turns out to

Ring Outdoor Smart Plug review: A tough outdoor smart plug for Ring users

You’ll need a bridge to connect this otherwise solid plug to your network. The Ring smart home ecosystem continues to grow with the addition of

Diablo 2: Resurrected beta coming August — here’s how to play it

Here’s how to play Diablo 2: Resurrected beta early The Diablo 2: Resurrected beta kicks off this month, allowing players to get an early taste

Five Uses for Drones in Major League Sports

Under US federal law, drones and aircrafts of all types must fly at least three nautical miles from sports stadiums with live games. This law is

Vintage Ducatis at Mecum Auctions Monterey 2021 Event: Seven For Sale

Mecum Auctions’ Monterey 2021 event begins on Thursday, August 12, and it starts out with a bang for vintage Ducati aficionados. Seven motorcycles from Gary

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3 leaked with custom skulls, diamonds, and rubies

Customized “Skull Collection” versions of two Samsung devices were leaked today by the folks at Caviar Royal Gift. Caviar has done this sort of thing

Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters: 5 big changes in the revamped trilogy

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are out now, featuring simple (yet slick) refurbishments of the first three games in the mainline Final Fantasy series, and

Best Garmin watch faces: Our top picks to download

Our faves for the Fenix, Forerunner and others in the Garmin wearable collection There are a lot of Garmin sports watches out there, and many

Lamborghini Aventador with Liberty Walk GT EVO body kit is limited to 20 examples

Italian supercar maker Lamborghini recently debuted Aventador Ultimae, a fitting sendoff to Lambo’s iconic V12 supercar. On the other side of the globe, Japanese tuning

Botnia Targa 46 yacht tour: A seriously tough boat for serious seafaring

As the flagship of the range, the Botnia Targa 46 takes all the characteristics of this legendary boat and supersizes them. Nick shows us around…

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls randomly turns up for free on the Xbox Live Gold service

The Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion pack, which is now part of the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition collection, has apparently been spotted on

Rotel A14 MkII Integrated Amplifier Review

A grand design Introduction – What Is the Rotel A14 MkII? The Rotel A14 MkII is the newest Rotel integrated amplifier and one that sits

OnePlus Nord 2 5G released in full, with a free Stadia package

The OnePlus Nord 2 5G was revealed today and released with a ship date of “within 5 days”. This device isn’t necessarily meant for people