The Best Gaming Tablets to Buy Right Now

Although there are still a lot of people who only want to game on their PCs or consoles, we cannot ignore the fact that mobile gaming is here and has been growing for the past few years. There are millions of people who prefer to play on a smaller device or on the go and these people find that smartphones and tablets are perfect for this. Although there are several great Android gaming phones out there, the smaller screen can be a downside for some. The best gaming tablets occupy the same space as some of the best overall tablets, but with some distinct features that make them great for gamers.

Apple iPad Pro (11-inch): Best Overall Gaming Tablet

While there are lots of Android gaming phones with outstanding gaming capabilities, there isn’t any Android tablet that can stand up to the iPad Pro 11-inch when it comes to gaming. The two main features that make this tablet a great option for gamers are its raw processing power and the smooth 120Hz display. 

The 11-inch model is a great option because it is reasonably sized and affordable for a lot of people depending on where you buy it. However, if you are looking to be completely immersed in gameplay while owning a tablet that shines in other areas, the 12.9-inch variant is also a great option.

Apple tablets stand out because of the crisp display when you are gaming. They also look great and come with augmented reality games and apps to keep you occupied for hours. While the battery is another winner, some gamers will not be too impressed by the price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus: Best Android Gaming Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus has been hailed as one of the best overall Android tablets, and we can comfortably say that it is the best Android gaming laptop in the market at the moment. The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus comes with a blazing-fast Snapdragon 865+ processor, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. The storage can be expanded up to 1 TB if you are looking for more than a gaming tablet.

Samsung makes some of the best displays on the market and the case is the same here. The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus comes with a 12.4-inch Super AMOLED display that is easy on the eyes. For those who game using headphones, the Dolby Atmos and AKG audio would be a great addition.

Apple iPad Mini 6: Small Gaming Tablet

If you are looking for something smaller than the tablets discussed above but bigger than a typical phone, you cannot go wrong with the Apple iPad Mini 6. This tablet was made to fit in your palm nicely and is a huge upgrade for those who still own the last-gen iPad Mini. 

With the A15 Bionic Processor, this tablet is very capable and performs on a par with some of the best smartphones and tablets in the market. The 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display is great for gaming and light productivity but can seem small for some people. However, if you need a table that is easy to tuck away and carry around, this is the right one for you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7: Budget Gaming Tablet

The Galaxy Tab A7 is not the most powerful tablet in the world, but it can hold its own when it comes to mobile gaming. The Snapdragon 662 it comes with can struggle against some of the more demanding games, but it should handle all other types of games you can play on it. 

These include simple games with more demanding graphics but simple mechanics such as slot and table casino games. To find out which casinos have games you can enjoy on your Galaxy Tab A7, you can use review platforms like OnlineCasinos. OnlineCasinos has in-depth reviews of top mobile casinos, including the games they offer, bonuses and promotions, payment methods and many more. 

You can enjoy these and other games on the reasonably-sized 10.4-inch LCD. The display might not be as colourful or as bright as that which comes on the more premium Samsung Tablet models, but it’s still enough for gaming and media consumption.

If you mostly play online games, you will be satisfied with the Tab A7’s performance and 32 GB internal storage. However, you can always go with the 64 GB version if you need the extra space. If you require even more space for media, you can always make use of the microSD expansion slot. The Galaxy Tab A7 is often on sale so you can get it at a great price.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro: Best Gaming Tablet for Kids

Amazon’s kids’ offerings have been improving over the years and they now have the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro, which is designed for kids between 6 and 12. It comes with a 10.1-inch screen and the same hardware you will find on the non-pro model. It does not have access to the Google Play Store so the number of games on it is limited. However, you can install it from the thousands of games available on the Amazon App Store.

In addition to gaming, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is great for videos, books, and educational apps that your kids can enjoy. You can also set it up so that the kids can make voice and video calls to pre-approved contacts. They can also use the onboard Wi-Fi to install games like Minecraft and communication apps like Zoom.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is a highly capable device that sells for almost a tenth of what premium Apple and Android Gaming Tablets cost.

While most Apple and Android tablets can play games, there are only a few that are worth considering. This is because they have great performance and features, or they are a great value for what you pay for them. The good news is that these gaming tablets can also double as productivity tablets if you so wish.