AKG N200NC Review

The AKG N200NC deliver expertly crafted sound and also feature active noise cancellation What are the AKG N200NC? The AKG N200NC are wireless earphones with

AKG N700NC M2 review

Compromise is fundamental to every product we test, bar perhaps those at the very top end, and that balancing act becomes only more precarious the

AKG K275 Review

AKG recently sent me two of their newest products to review, and this one is a keeper! With a neutral sound, AKG says it is

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The first AKG headphones came on the market in 1949. Since then, they have had a legacy of high quality products. Their headphones and microphones

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The AKG K175s are £100 on-ear headphones that raise a question: what’s the difference between a pair of professional studio headphones and one made for

AKG N400 true wireless earbuds could be in the works

The true wireless earbud market is heating up with most major players having at least one entry into the field at this point, and now

AKG Samsung Galaxy S10 earbuds review

Included earbuds that are good enough. Audio products that are included with phones usually elicit about as much excitement from me as a spontaneous trip

Samsung AKG VL5 Review

A two-channel wireless smart speaker with distortion cancelling technology and tuning by AKG What is the Samsung AKG VL5? The Samsung AKG VL5 two-channel wireless

AKG N700NC review

Here’s some merger and acquisition news you may have missed: two years ago, Samsung bought audio brand Harman Kardon. Harman had previously bought AKG, the Austrian

AKG Y500 Wireless review

Another hugely appealing pair of wireless headphones from AKG When we reviewed the AKG Y50BTs back in 2015, we were just as impressed by the

Audio-Technica ATH-S200BT : A 40-hour battery life is super-impressive

What are the Audio-Technica ATH-S200BT? The Audio-Technica ATH-S200BT are affordable wireless headphones. At £59, they’re around half the price of one of our most often

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release is only a few weeks away followed by Google’s new Pixel 3, and that means potential buyers have some tough choices to make. Buy

Bristol Sound & Vision 2018: AKG, Creek, EPOS, Rega, ELAC, Exposure, Audioquest, Focal, Wilson Benesch and Best in Show

In which I listen to two of my favourite headphones of the show, the AKG K812 and the Focal Clear, do a power demo and

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus were both been leaked to high heaven over the past few weeks – today we’ve packaged

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Hardware The difference between Samsung’s and Acer’s headsets is immediately clear. The only thing remarkable about Acer’s aesthetic is the glossy-blue plastic visor, which, together

The Top 20 Best DJ Headphones in 2017

In this review we select the best DJ headphones that provide deep bass reproduction and crisp highs for DJ mixing that really bring out the

AKG N60NC Wireless review

There’s a lot been said about silence. The Chinese philosopher Laozi said “silence is a source of great strength”, while Confucius believed it was a

AKG N20 review

When buying earphones, one of the key questions is how much you like your bass. The modern trend in headphones has meant that people’s ears

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With many of us listening to music while out and about, it’s little wonder a market for premium earphones has emerged and appears to be

Final Sonorous III review

Sonorous (adjective): capable of producing a deep, full, ringing sound. So ‘sonorous’ is a strong, positive word with only good connotations when it comes to

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With plenty of Award-winning headphones in the bag, AKG is on a roll, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that its new line of affordable

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For some time now, AKG has been the king of affordable headphones. From the AKG K451 to the AKG Y50 (£50), the last five years

Sony NW-ZX100HN review

Verdict This Sony Walkman’s design, performance and price hit the sweet spot – a very likeable hi-res player For Clear, crisp and detailed sound Snappy

B&O BeoPlay H8 review

Verdict Style meets great features and good sound in B&O’s flagship on-ears For Effective noise-cancelling Balanced, full-bodied listen Good dynamics and detail Replaceable battery Against

AKG N90Q review

Verdict The N90Qs are capable and cleverly engineered headphones, but they lack a bit of fun For Clean, clear presentation Impressive precision Clever features Excellent

Harman AKG N60 NC luxury headphones feature real leather

Harman has introduced a new pair of on-ear wireless noise-cancelingheadphones, the AKG N60 NC. The maker describes these as an ultra compact pair of headphones