The Importance of LED Lights in Our Lives

Although the first LED lights were introduced back in 1987, they only took the market during the past decade. The world quickly realized that LED lights are the best option of all lights on the market and started buying them to replace the traditional incandescent light.

LED stands for Led-Emitting Diode and is a technology that is entirely different from what we have been using for years. We were using incandescent light, which works entirely differently. There are many reasons why LEDs are better than incandescent light.

In this article, we share a couple of reasons LEDs are so valuable. If you’re not convinced why it’s better to use them instead of anything else, keep reading and find out more.

1. LED lights save a lot of energy

It is proven that LED lights will save up to 75% of the energy that incandescents usually spend to work. That means you’ll waste a lot of energy and pollute the environment, but it also means that you’re making a huge bill to pay at the end of the month.

Using LED torches when you’re going in nature means you’re powering them with a battery. Traditional lighting will get exhausted or produce too little light, but LED is more powerful and lasts longer, which means – always go for LEDs if you have the option.

2. They provide different types of light color

LEDs can be programmed to produce different types of light. The original is white and neutral, which many people love, but you can choose from many options available. The industry today is capable of creating just anything you want.

When going to the store, simply ask for the color you’re looking for. If you want the traditional color that incandescents produce, be sure that you’ll have a wide range of options.

3. LED lights are recyclable

Traditional incandescent lights, and other types we commonly use, have mercury inside them that is released when they burn. Of course, this is not an enormous amount, but it’s still something that pollutes. When you take all the lights in the world, you realize how much this is.

Aside from this, the waste product coming off incandescent lights is enormous compared to LEDs. LED bulbs have at least 50% less waste and are recyclable, unlike the wires from incandescent bulbs that can’t be reused.

4. These light bulbs will last much more than traditional lighting

Since they save so much energy and consume way less, they will last a lot more than anything else out there. You won’t need to change the bulbs around the house every five minutes, but you can place them and completely forget about them. This is valuable because it will save time and won’t bother you that you’re sitting in the darkness.

5. It’s highly affordable to use these lights

One of the best features of LED lights is that you’ll save a lot of money on your electricity bill. Since you’re wasting almost 75% less energy, it means that all the bulbs in the house can work 24/7, and you’ll still pay less than using incandescent lights.

New light bulbs may not cost a fortune, but if you need to change them every few months, it’s still an expense that LED lights won’t impose. You can go for years without changing a single bulb, which plays a significant role in your budget, especially if you have dozens of bulbs around the house.

6. Battles bugs and keep your home bug-free

Did you know that LED lights will not attract bugs? When you turn on the old lights on the porch, you’ll see bugs instantly starting to fly around it. Aside from the heat that they produce, these bulbs emit ultraviolet and infrared radiation, which attracts them.

Installing LEDs will end this. Aside from not emitting heat, these lights will not emit these types of radiation, causing fewer bugs on the porch. Of course, when the mosquitos notice you, the lights are not important, but the rest of them won’t bother you.

7. LED lights produce no heat

Imagine sitting by the standard incandescent light bulb in the summer. The unbearable hot weather and the lightbulbs are creating extreme heat. You can’t leave them near anything flammable because they’ll cause a severe problem and even burn the house down. This won’t happen with the LEDs, as they produce no heat.


With everything written above, it’s clear why LED lights are better than anything else. They are safe, energy-efficient, versatile, last for a long time, and emit no harmful radiation, attracting no bugs. You can say that all features are better than traditional lighting. If you still haven’t made the change, this is your wake-up call to go to the store and get LED bulbs.