Top 9 facts you didn’t know about ecobikes

The main trends of our time can be summed up in two words: healthy lifestyle and ecology. A healthy lifestyle is gaining more and more fans every year. This is not surprising: proper nutrition, reasonable physical activity and attention to one’s health, clean air and environmentally friendly products are the key to good health at almost any age.

Electric bikes are basically simple bikes equipped with an electric motor to help propel you forward. There are many different variants of e-bikes around the world, ranging from those that have a small motor that just helps you move forward (you put in less effort) to those that have more powerful motors and look a lot like mopeds.

On such an electric bike, you will be able to simply pedal like on a conventional bike in the event of a battery drain or any other engine malfunction.

Ecobike and ecology: why it has become fashionable to ride a bike?

The industrial age left us with a legacy of serious environmental problems that continue to worsen despite the efforts of environmentalists and conservation volunteers. Air pollution is one of the main problems that cannot be solved with a swoop. A large number of cars and public transport with internal combustion engines on city streets is one of the reasons for poor urban ecology. In this situation, electric transport is a good replacement for conventional cars.

Focus Ebikes Australia does not pollute the air, it does not need large parking lots, it will not get stuck in city traffic, which means you will not be late for work or a meeting due to traffic problems. Therefore, it is not surprising that from time to time photographs flash on the Web in which European and American officials and celebrities travel on business on electric bicycles. Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Canadian actor, director and writer William Shatner and even Prince Charles, heir to the throne of Great Britain, are not averse to riding electric bikes.

Three advantages of electric bicycles for connoisseurs of healthy lifestyle

1. Physical activity – at any convenient time. At any time, you can turn off the motor and start pedaling.

2. The ability to dose the load: the biggest problem for beginner cyclists is to calculate their strength so that they can both enjoy the ride and not overexert themselves. And an electric bike easily solves this problem: if you feel tired, you can simply use the electric motor and keep moving.

3. Mobility. Field trips become easier. There is no longer a need to stand in traffic jams in the car and look for a parking space at the entrance to the park: bike paths are at your service.

Where to buy ecobikes?

Despite the fact that electric bicycles have appeared not so long ago, there are already quite a lot of companies offering environmentally friendly two-wheeled transport to cyclists.

What should be considered when choosing a manufacturer or seller of electric bicycles?

1. Quality and price of goods.

2. Qualification of personnel.

3. Pre- and after-sales service of equipment.

4. Availability of a service center and spare parts for bicycle repair.

We advise you to pay special attention to points 3 and 4 – it depends on them how comfortable your trips will be and how your relationship with bicycle equipment will develop in the future.

TOP 9 facts that you might not know about the electric bike 

Do you agree that it is the most environmentally friendly, fairly fast and economical mode of transport?

  1. Cars are not much faster than e-bikes. At least because the bike can leak in a traffic jam, drive through courtyards where there is no car passage.
  2. Despite the battery, the pedals on the electric bike still remained, which means that this transport is also referred to as equipment for keeping the body in good shape through cardio exercises.
  3. On an electric bike, unlike a conventional bike, you can also carry cargo, while maintaining the average speed at the same level.
  4. Refueling. Obviously, refueling with electricity is much cheaper than gasoline (diesel / gas).
  5. It is not necessary to look for a special gas station for electric bicycles, in fact they can be charged from a standard outlet, which means during a stop for tea / coffee / lunch. On average, a full charge takes about 4 hours.
  6. You can make an electric bike with your own hands, or rather make it from your ordinary bike – an electric one. To do this, instead of the usual wheel hub, an electric motor is placed, and a battery for it is attached to the frame.
  7. Some e-bikes have a throttle that regulates the amount of current. That is, if the engine feels that the pressure on the pedals is increasing, which means you are going downhill, it will independently release a greater flow of electricity to alleviate your plight while climbing uphill.
  8. Batteries of different capacities can show results of different speeds, for example: a 250 watt engine has a maximum speed of 25 km/h, and with a power of 1 kW, you can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h.
  9. According to the rules of the road, electric motors with a power of up to 4 kW do not require a driving license, that is, an electric bike remains an ordinary bicycle with its freedom without documents, as long as its engine is not more powerful than 4 kW.

In general, an electric bike is an ideal transport for those who live 30 km or more from their place of work. So much nicer to go, sometimes faster and cheaper. You can rent an electric bike from us and try how it is when you ride a bike, but at the same time you do not put any effort into it.