Smart Home Devices for Home Safety and Security

One thing that is important for all homeowners when looking to move into a new residence or apartment is the safety of the neighborhood, and fire exits if it’s a building. The safety and security of your home and family are always a top priority. That is why people install security alarms, wired fences, motion sensors and smoke alarms to stay on top of everything if there is ever a problem.

However, smart home devices have completely changed the way households are run, and in that way you can keep your homes secure as well. There are some smart devices that can help take your home security and safety up a notch, and they are not only reasonably priced but also easily available in stores around you. There is no need for any contracts or monthly payments when it comes to smart devices.

Here are some smart home devices that double as great home safety and security devices.

Smart Cameras

Better than the usual surveillance cameras, smart cameras are here to stay and even replace the old ones as is, whether it is for commercial or domestic purposes. Smart cameras feature a technology that you probably have never seen before with regular surveillance cameras. They not only feature visuals but audio as well and here’s how they work.

Almost every smart camera features a smaller device that is available in hardwired and wireless (battery operated) variants, which can easily be placed anywhere – even if you have to mount them onto the wall. When it comes to the technology they boast, it is smart much like the things that you would probably find in movies. 

Smart cameras feature two-way audio allowing for easy communication from both ends of the camera, while its live video feed is accessible from our smartphones. You won’t have to set up a screen somewhere in the house anymore, just watch over your home from wherever you are, and speak to whoever is at the other end.

Smart cameras normally cover a wide-angle view that gives a bigger, brighter coverage in HD including night vision as well. What’s more, is that they come with built-in motion sensors that can send alerts to your phones when any movement is detected while you’re away.

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Smart Locks

Talk about keyless entry to your home. Smart locks provide you with just that; a tamperproof method of locking and unlocking your door, taking your home security up a notch. There are different kinds of smart door locks; some use a keypad with personalized passcodes, while some can lock, unlock your doors through your smartphones. But that’s not all though.

Though with technology it can get tricky, smart door locks can do much more than just locking unlocking your door with the press of a button. They allow users to set schedules to automatically control your door locks according to your settings – you won’t have to worry about whether you locked the door before getting into bed if you’ve set the door lock to lock at 10 p.m. sharp every night. Similarly, some smart door lock devices are programmed to automatically lock the doors after several minutes of inactivity or even right after the door shuts behind anyone.

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Smart Smoke Detectors 

The safety of your home is always a priority, which is why when you think how many smoke detectors do I need, the NFPA has guidelines for homeowners to install smoke detectors in almost every room if not level or at least keep them operational to prevent any disastrous situations that can otherwise be tackled if detected on time. 

Usually, smoke detectors come in different variants; ionization detectors that can pick up on flaming fires and photoelectric detectors that can pick up on smoldering fires. However this is usually the problem of carbon monoxide leaks in homes, due to certain appliances and heating systems, which is why there comes the need to install a separate carbon monoxide detector as well. But why go through the trouble of getting different detectors when you can solve both problems with one? 

Smart smoke detectors are exactly what you need. These devices can pick up on anything from smoldering to fast-burning fires, and carbon monoxide leaks too. Not just that, they have a wider range of detection compared to ordinary smoke detectors; any sign of a potential threat and you get a notification straight to your smartphone.

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As we mentioned, certain smart home devices are great at working as a double for home safety and security. Apart from being great with providing users and homeowners with the convenience of things like automation, energy efficiency and remote access, they can be used to watch over and have access to your home at all hours of the day and from anywhere. If you’re thinking of taking a look at some smart home devices, head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website and view their extensive catalog.