The Tech That Is Enabling The Digital Signage Industry To Thrive

Across the world, the digital signage industry is growing at an astonishing rate. The use of screens to display advertising and information in all kinds of retail outlets, public spaces, and businesses is becoming increasingly common.

In 2018, the digital signage market was worth USD 19.78 billion. By 2021, turnover reached USD 21.9 billion, and according to Precedence Research is set to grow to USD 38.63 billion by 2030.

Why the digital signage industry is growing so fast

There are many drivers behind this growth. Not least consumer demand. Increasingly businesses are waking up to just how powerful an advertising medium these screens are. They know that modern consumers are used to screens, which means that they notice them and respond well when they do.

In addition, using screens enables them to take full control of their own advertising. Once they have learned to use the ad creation software, which does not take long, they can stop paying a marketing company to do that for them.

It also enables those that use them to have total control over what content they display to customers and when. Unlike with paper advertising materials that can only be changed now and again. Something that makes it hard for businesses to tap into emerging trends or change their offers to fit in with the demographics of the shoppers or restaurant, salon, or clinic users that come in at different times of the day.

Digital signage is saving users a lot of money

Digital display advertising and informational screens provide any organization with numerous advantages. The ones that have already been mentioned are just the beginning.

There is also the potential for those that switch from paper to digital to save a substantial amount of money. So, there are many compelling reasons behind the growth in popularity of digital screen marketing.

The new wave of smart digital screens are further fueling demand

The availability of new types of screens is serving to fuel demand further. There are a lot of innovations, which provides the opportunity for business owners and other organizations to make even more extensive use of them. Here are a few examples:

The development of smart touchscreens

One of the most important innovations is the scaling up of touchscreen technology so that it can be used on any size screen. The installation of these smart digital signs for shopfronts, kiosks, changing rooms, and other applications are transforming the way people shop and get help and information.

This technology has taken off fast and there are already a lot of big players in the market. Links to most of them can be found on this page.

Retail outlets use them a lot. Customers seem to like using smart mirrors which are made using digital display screens that are fitted with a camera and other tech. They enable people to try on clothes virtually.

Some stores have smart screens which have been set up to enable shoppers to quickly see what is available. Then choose items that they like, which they know are in stock. Once they have done that, usually a staff member brings it all to the till. Giving the customer the chance to check the quality and maybe try the whole outfit on, before buying. A much faster and less stressful way of shopping that consumers like.

The availability of solar-powered digital display screens

Over the years, display screen manufacturers have reduced the amount of power that their screens consume. Something that has made them eco-friendlier and cheaper to run.

However, it is the marrying of solar power technology with display screens that is making the biggest difference. This innovation means that they can now be used in more places. Not having a power source is no longer an issue. It also means that the screens can become mobile. For example, a store can set up a digital screen sandwich board on a sidewalk or move it inside and use it by the tills in the store.

When it comes to this technology, Megatex is leading the way. You can read more about how they developed their solar-powered digital display screens by clicking here.

The development of digital signage software

Perhaps the most important innovation is the development of software that makes it easy for anyone to create their own informational or advertising images. Then use them in slideshows or as standalone images. Or even short videos. This software has revolutionized the way store owners, bars, restaurants, salons, clinics, and other businesses communicate with their clients.

Some firms like Mandoe Media have taken things a step further by including the ability for the system to create a log of what is being displayed when. This is an especially powerful innovation for store owners. It means they can put up an advert then, refer to their sales data for the relevant timeframe to see if the promotion resulted in an uplift in sales. This information empowers business owners, enabling them to tailor their advertising to their customer base and make more sales.

There is little doubt that the innovations will keep coming. The more digital display screens are used, the faster new ways of using them will be developed.