10 Essential Items for Off-Road Adventure

If you are into off-roading, you know that there is no end to the accessories you can spend your money on. But as you get more experienced, you will realize that many of these products are just gimmicks or things you will never use. The last thing you need when bouncing around on the trail is extra items to rattle around and break loose. For this reason, it is best to be more selective about what you are going to bring along. Here are a few things that you will need most often.

  1. Off-Road Vehicle: You can’t have any fun without having the right equipment. Technically, any vehicle can go offroad, but if you are looking for a purpose-built rig for exploring, you should look at Nene Overland and their selection of top-quality vehicles for the 4×4 connoisseur. 
  2. Gloves: Not a sophisticated item and cheap compared to the truck. Gloves are greatly appreciated in the muck, and especially when it’s cold outside. They don’t have to be fancy, just available.
  3. Torch: These days, good torches are a dime a dozen; there is no reason not to have a couple of them along. A rechargeable LED torch that is waterproof could easily be your most important piece of gear if you get into trouble after dark.
  4. Portable Power: A backup power supply is a great thing to have along, particularly the type that can also jump-start your rig. Many are available, and most can be charged by a solar panel or your DC outlet.
  5. Tire Kit: There are a lot of excellent tire repair kits available, with plugs, tools, and deflators. To go along with that, you might want to consider a portable inflator too.
  6. Spade: Spades are often incredibly useful in surprising ways. There is a reason that soldiers bring them along. Whether you need it around the camp or to dig yourself out of a jam. A spade is an essential low-tech support unit.
  7. Tool Kit: A basic tool kit is essential if you intend to play rough with machines. Having the proper wrench can mean the difference between calling for help or having a great weekend. A basic kit is best to begin with. Eventually, you will build up your own set based on your needs.
  8. Winch and Recovery Kit: There is no substitute for having a winch alone. The fear of getting stuck can keep you from some excellent trails. But if you have a winch, you can be fearless and help your mates out as well. However, a winch by itself is not enough; you should also get yourself a recovery kit with all of the straps and connectors to make sure you can hook up safely
  9. Off-Road Jack: A simple but essential tool, A tire jack should be on every vehicle.
  10. First Aid Kit: First aid kit is easy enough to take along and always appreciated when something goes wrong.

If you have all these items along, chances are you will have everything you need for a great trip and peace of mind too. Keep it simple.