Xiaomi Mi A1 Review : Android One just got familiar

Xiaomi Mi A1 is the first in a wave of Android One smartphones to take advantage of Google’s new price point target. That might not sound exciting to the average citizen, but to the future of low-cost, high-end smartphone enthusiasts like myself, that’s something to get pumped up about. The Xiaomi Mi A1 is essentially a rebranded Mi 5X, this time coming with the most basic Google-approved Android on the market, meaning it’s already market-tested and its hardware is solid enough to be taken out a whole new door.


The body of this device should look rather familiar. Xiaomi is known for their ability to take for their own some of the, ahem, most familiar design elements on the market, making their products extremely affordable in the process. The unit I’m using for this review is Rose Gold – there’ll be a Black and a Gold version available at launch as well.

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