August Doorbell Cam Pro Review

The smart home is flourishing right now, and connected security is probably the hottest area of them all. August‘s Doorbell Cam Pro arrives today to bring your front door into the 21st century, replacing your dumb doorbell with a camera and floodlight toting, WiFi connected upgrade that also plays nicely with the company’s smart locks. The promise is that the rough spots of the original August Doorbell Cam have been polished away; I got out my screwdriver set to find out if that was true.

Installation is a little different to the old Doorbell Cam. You still get a backplate and an optional wedge that can angle the Doorbell Cam Pro, but rather than crimping the old doorbell wiring to the backplate’s connections there are now simpler screw terminals. Positioning is easier, too, courtesy of a USB charging dock that magnetically clings to the bottom of the Doorbell Cam Pro and allows you to first get it paired with your WiFi, then try out viewing angles without first having to drill. If you’ve not got an existing doorbell it’s a little trickier – you’ll need to wire in a transformer, since unfortunately there’s no way to run the Doorbell Cam Pro entirely from USB power.

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