Sony Xperia XZ Review

Hate iPhones? Think Samsungs are overrated? We can’t say we agree with you, but all the same, today we have an alternative for your delectation. Sony may not sell as many mobile phones as it used to, but (despite earlier signs to the contrary) it’s not given up. Meet the Sony Xperia XZ.

This is Sony’s new flagship phone (for at least the next six months), and the first signs are positive. It’s not massive, it doesn’t have a “look at me” 4K screen like the Z5 Premium, and it’s more than a little pretty.

Would we buy it instead of a Samsung Galaxy S7? Perhaps not. But while Sony seems to be treading water a bit, never before has water been trodden in such style.

We’ve been looking at a pre-release version of the XZ, and while we’re told this an essentially final handset, some software elements could change a little before the official launch. We’ll update this review if so.

Got that minor caveat? Good. Let’s begin.

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