Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Preview – Coming August 21 with 5.7-inch screen, metal-and-glass build, new stylus, 16MP camera, Samsung Pay (hands-on)

So long, faux-leather backing. Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 5 is all slim, shiny, large-screened luster, with a redesigned stylus to match. It’s eye-catching all right, but there isn’t terribly much that’s new.

Inside, the Note 5 is essentially a redux of last year’s Note 4 (but with a smaller battery and no expandable storage). You could also think of the Note 5 as a larger, stylus-equipped version of this past April’s metal-and-glass Galaxy S6 (and S6 Edge), with the same processor, top-tier cameras and built-in wireless charging. The Note 5 also gets the improved fingerprint reader found on the S6 and the Edge, as well as Samsung Pay (for the US and South Korea right now). Complicating matters is a fourth phone that shares the same basic credentials, the curved-side Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

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