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Oppo is the latest to tease true wireless, over-the-air charging

Both wired and wireless smartphone charging speeds continue their upward trajectory in 2021, but would you be ok with sacrificing that speed for freedom from

Aukey EP-T31 Review

The most noticeable features are proximity sensors, which pauses or resumes the music playback, and Qi wireless charging. Earbuds also support multipoint and a mono

OPPO over-the-air wireless charging to be revealed this week

As convenient as wireless charging may be at times, their convenience ends the moment you lift the phone off its pad even by just a

TRN T300 Review

The TRN T300 is quite the complete package for a TWS set, sporting a coherent well tuned U shaped signature, coupled with good BT connectivity/support,

Does Xiaomi Mi 12 Support Wireless Charging ?

Mi 12 will soon be on the market, MI fans have also pulled out a lot of information about this model, it is said that

iPhone 13 leak reveals this feature is dead — and Samsung Galaxy S21 is laughing

Why can’t Apple do reverse wireless charging? Apple has reportedly cancelled its plans to add a feature to the iPhone 13 similar to Samsung’s PowerShare. The

Wireless Charging – Explained!

For something that’s been around for such a long while, it’s no surprise that it can still be a mystery to some. But believe it

iPhone 12 risks to pacemakers emphasized by doctors’ report

Almost all electronic devices generate electromagnetic fields when in use but the iPhone 12 series is special in that it actually contains magnets inside. These

So, you’re looking for a premium-quality wallet phone case? You’ve come to the right place

Enphold has tons of stylish hand-treated genuine and faux leather wallet cases. They’re durable and stylish because we treat every product with the best care

Forget QI and MagSafe, Xiaomi just announced Air Charge technology

We’ve seen plenty of developments in wireless charging over the last couple of years. The OnePlus 8T could offer 65W wireless replenishment, while Apple’s proprietary

iPhone 12, MagSafe could interfere with pacemakers

Although it was quite late to jump on the wireless charging bandwagon, Apple’s implementation did eventually introduce an element that, truth be told, should have

These retro Galaxy Buds Pro case covers make us really, really want a pair

Samsung is offering some Galaxy Buds Pro buyers a lovely nostalgic touch with a cover for the wireless charging case fashioned in the style of

Galaxy S21 Ultra 10x zoom camera might have a special trick

Some fans might already be counting down the hours to Samsung’s first big event this year but the stream of leaks and rumors shows no

OnePlus 9 may get wireless charging, but the OnePlus 9 Pro will likely be faster

Wireless charging is set to get better on OnePlus phones, if a new leak is correct with one report claiming the OnePlus 9 Pro will

Xiaomi Mi 11: QHD 120Hz, SD 888, 50W Wireless Charging, 108MP for P29K

The first Snapdragon 888 device is here, and it’s the Xiaomi Mi 11. During the launch event, the company announced only one smartphone, foregoing the

OnePlus 9 leak reveals wireless charging and battery upgrades

The expected launch of the OnePlus 9 is still several months away, but that isn’t stopping the leaks from dripping out online – and the

OtterBox Fast Charge Qi Wireless Power Bank Premium review: A rugged battery pack for rugged times

When wireless charging is worth the tradeoff. The last time we took a look at an OttterBox battery pack, we were impressed, awarding the Fast

OnePlus 8 Pro review, 6 months later: Still great, with one big caveat

When I reviewed the OnePlus 8 Pro six months ago, I called it the Android flagship to beat this year. The OnePlus 8 Pro introduced

Fix coming for iPhone 12 wireless charging issue, Apple says

Apple is aware of a wireless charging issue with the iPhone 12 Pro, which is stopping the device from working with Qi-enabled chargers. A significant

Bose Sport Earbuds vs. Jaybird Vista

Both Bose Sport Earbuds and Jaybird Vista are premium sports earbuds that keep you entertained during workouts with style. They’re similar in many categories. They

Belkin unveils new Qi-Certified wireless charging solutions

Belkin has unveiled new wireless chargers aimed directly at iPhone users that will work for any Qi-certified smartphone. The first is called the Boostcharge TrueFreedom

TCL 10 5G UW Review

Chinese manufacturing giant TCL, which has long made white-label smartphones for carriers, put its hat into the ring this year with its collection of TCL-branded

Nokia 8 V 5G UW Review

Nokia has become known for providing solid hardware at an excellent price. Its latest phone, the Nokia 8 V 5G UW ($699.99), is the company’s

Apple confirms a nasty iPhone 12 MagSafe problem — what you need to know

MagSafe can damage your iPhone 12 case, though it’s not quite as serious as you may have feared Apple has been making a very big

Apple MagSafe Duo is coming to fill that AirPower void in your life

Wireless charging pad for your Apple Watch and iPhone could be nearing on the horizon Apple’s MagSafe Duo charging pad, which is capable of wirelessly

Google Pixel 5 teardown video shows off how its wireless charging works and more

The Google’s Pixel 5 launched recently, and a new teardown video has revealed how the smartphone supports wireless charging, as well as highlighting some other

iPhone 12 might be hiding a long-awaited feature – could MagSafe unlock its potential?

Apple has been rumored to be bringing reverse wireless charging to iPhones for a couple of years now. It’s yet to officially appear, but a

Is the iPhone 12 hiding a secret reverse charging feature?

The iPhone 12 family of devices could be secretly harbouring the ability to recharge future accessories like AirPods, according to a filing Apple made to US

iPhone 12 looks like it’s hiding a reverse charging feature after all

Apple has been rumored to be bringing reverse wireless charging to iPhones for a couple of years now. It’s yet to officially appear, but a

iPhone 12 has this secret feature — but you can’t use it

The iPhone 12 may have reverse wireless charging capabilities, they’re just not available for you to use In recent years phones have gone beyond simply