Samsung DeX Review: The Phone-as-PC Dream Remains Elusive

Motorola tried it with the Atrix and failed. Fujitsu thought about trying it with the Lifebook 2013concept, and failed. And a handful of Windows Mobile phones, including the HP Elite x3, Acer Liquid Jade Primo and Microsoft Lumia 950 tried it, and haven’t mustered anything more than the most lukewarm of receptions. But that’s not going to stop Samsung and its new DeX Station for the Galaxy S8 from becoming the latest in a long line of devices that have tried to turn a phone into a desktop. So has the attempt actually worked this time?

Design: A black puck of connectivity

Out of the box, the DeX Station looks like an oversized hockey puck. But give the device a push on the arrow below the Samsung logo, and the top slides back to reveal a slanted rest and a single USB-C port for hooking up your Galaxy S8. Around back, the DeX sports five ports: two USB 2.0 Type-A ports, an Ethernet port, HDMI and a USB-C port.

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