Meizu Pro 6S VS Xiaomi MI Note 2 Full Review

Recently, Xiaomi and Meizu both released their own flagship smartphone such as Xiaomi MI Note 2 and Meizu Pro 6s, they have similar price, and caused the fierce discussion between MI fans and Meizu fans. So which is better? Today we will compare them step by step to let you know how to make wise choice.

According to specs comparison, Xiaomi MI Note 2 seems more highlights especially 3D curved screen, Snapdragon 821 processor, etc, but Meizu Pro 6s highlight is the 3D press display function, and cheaper price. As for variants, Xiaomi MI Note 2 has 4GB, 6GB, and the other global version, three versions. Therefore, in terms of specs, Meizu Pro 6s is similar to Xiaomi MI Note 2 in specs and price, we will compare their standard version.

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