Martenero Edgemere Watch Review

One thing I keep on saying about microbrands is that it’s enjoyable to see them evolve. The “big brands” have hundreds of years of experimentation and refinement behind them, and at this stage they are pretty easy to identify. It’s the newcomers who are still trying to define and establish themselves that I find quite interesting, which brings me to the Martenero Edgemere. I was fortunate enough to get one of these a few weeks ago, and I have been wearing it ever since for this exclusive wrist-time review. What do I think of it? Well, what else would you be here for, other than to find that out! (Unless you are here because you like to compare the arm hair of various ABTW contributors — which would be weird.)


Back to matters of the wrist, I found the Martenero Edgemere to be a great example of a brand learning about what makes a great watch. When I first unboxed the watch, I immediately thought that this may very well be the most uniquely “Martenero” design that has been released to date. Some of you may remember my review of the Martenero Marquis, which I found to be a classy yet practical watch. The Martenero Edgemere seems to have learned from past experiences and delivers what I feel is the best piece in their current line up.

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