LG V35 ThinQ: skip it except for one reason

LG has a very odd strategy this year. It delayed the launch of its flagship phone, the LG G7 ThinQ but has littered the market with LG V30 variants. And, not so surprisingly, it wasn’t done yet. It just announced the LG V35 ThinQ, whose spec sheet looks eerily familiar. Compared to the V30 and V30S ThinQ, it’s definitely an upgrade. But in light of the company’s G series flagship, it is a confusing option that’s almost telling users in their faces that they’ll have to pay extra just to get rid of a much debated design.

Don’t be surprised if you hear the V35 ThinQ being described as the G7 ThinQ in V series clothing over and over again. It pretty much is. It’s like the Plus to Samsung’s regular flagship. Except in this case, there’s very little to differentiate the two. Unlike in previous years, the V35 is no bigger than the G7. And their specs are almost exactly the same save for a few things.

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