1More iBFree Review

1More iBFree: Detailed Review

Until such time as truly wireless in-ears become practical and affordable, we’ll see at least one more generation of these semi-wireless in-ears have their day in the sun. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, some might argue that in their current form, the cable tethering the earbuds has its uses and that headphones needn’t shed this last vestigial bit of wiring. Truly wireless in-ears are arguably prone to falling out and getting lost. Not to mention they have terrible battery life as of now. Another advantage of tethered wireless headphones is that when not in use they can be left to hang around your neck – a convenience for sure, but perhaps also at times fashion statement? Anyway, speaking making fashion statements, 1MORE’s foray into the wireless space is certainly easy on the eyes. The 1MORE iBFree are a pair of sport-focused Bluetooth in-ear headphones and by all indications the company’s first foray into the wireless space. Let’s find out how good they are starting with the look and feel.

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