LG V30S ThinQ review: A solid but pointless phone

It had its fair share of flaws, but last year’s LG V30 might have been the finest phone the company had made to date. Rather than wait the usual year for an official sequel, though, LG decided to spice things up a bit by unveiling a tweaked version of the phone at Mobile World Congress. Interestingly, the AI-fueled camera features that make the new V30S ThinQspecial will also wind up on the original, rendering most arguments for buying this updated model moot. Despite being a perfectly solid smartphone with some notable improvements over the original, I can’t help but think the V30S ThinQ is ultimately pointless.

Oh, and one more thing before we dive in: This isn’t a typical review. We received this preproduction V30S ThinQ during the tail end of MWC, and it’s running a Korea-specific build of Android 8.0 Oreo. It’s been enough to get a feel for what the V30S experience is all about, but we’ll update this story with firmer conclusions when a retail-ready US model becomes available. Actually, I should say “if” a US model becomes available:

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