Dodgy iPhone 12 rumour tips insanely-cheap iPhone 12 with 4G

The perception is that Apple will finally be going all-in on 5G with the iPhone 12. However, a recent addition to the Twitter leak brigade is suggesting otherwise, with a quite spurious rumour.

According to the purported leaker, whom we’ve not heard of before, the company is planning on 4G LTE versions of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max. Omega Leaks reckons those models will see the base price of the iPhone 12 drop by another $100, to just $549, while an iPhone 12 Max 4G would start at £649.

Whether he means the iPhone 12 Pro here, or another larger-screen device sitting below the pro tier isn’t clear. However, the prices quoted are significantly lower than the 5G prices tipped by prolific Apple leaker Jon Prosser, who said the phones with next-gen mobile data connectivity will start at $649 and $749.

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