HP Envy 13 (2020) Review

The Envy’s affordable price makes it a great option for students

The HP Envy 13 (2020) is an absolute bargain of a laptop, sharing just as many high-end features as rivals that cost a few hundred quid more. 

Sure, it’s not as eye-catching as the Dell XPS 13 or Surface Laptop 3, but it’s still a good looking laptop. And with a 13-inch Full HD touchscreen, 10th Generation Intel Core processor and a slew of HP privacy features, it’s hard to see what you’re missing out on by going with the Envy ahead of pricier alternatives.

HP Envy 13 (2020) Design – Unspectacular, but still good looking

The HP Envy 13 lacks that attention-grabbing design quirk found with rival laptops, such as the edge-to-edge screen of the Dell XPS 13 or the plentiful colour options of the Surface Laptop 3. If the Envy was a crisp flavour, it would be Ready Salted.

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