iPhone 12

What is 802.11ay and what could it mean for the iPhone

This ultra-fast, short-range wireless technology is good for very specific uses. According to a recent rumor reported by Mac Otakara, the iPhone 12 set for

iPhone 12 2020: All the rumours so far

In this article we’ve selected the most reliable rumours we’ve come across so far, and it paints an enticing picture of the upcoming iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 could tap super-fast new WiGig: Here’s why we’re excited

Apple could use a new WiGig wireless standard to supercharge iPhone 12 file transfers, insiders claim, potentially making AirDrop-style exchanges much faster. The next-generation iPhone,

iPhone 12 could be in short supply at launch

It is frightening how a virus can threaten the entire world in more ways than just claiming lives. The novel coronavirus has already altered many

3 Samsung Galaxy S20 features Apple should borrow for the iPhone 12 (and three it shouldn’t)

Some of the grass is greener. Apple fans might think the Galaxy S20 is more eye-roll than innovation, but the fact of the matter is Samsung’s

Big iPhone 12 leak lets you list Apple’s first 5G phones

Today we’re taking a peek at what’s likely the final iPhone 12 / iPhone 2020 lineup for the most major Apple event of the season.

iPhone 12 leak mentions four models, including an iPhone 12 Mini

In the past, Apple has been notorious for refusing to budge and ride on mobile trends and fads. Lately, however, it seems to more willing

Which new iPhone 12 5G color will you choose? [UPDATE: Navy Blue tipped!]

Today we’re taking a peek at the next fancy color likely available with the iPhone in the year 2020. In the year 2019, Apple released

iPhone 12 Series Appears: Four Cameras, Qualcomm 5G!

The current news about the second generation of the iPhone SE has not continued. Instead, this year’s new flagship new phone, the iPhone 12 series

iPhone 12 might finally ditch the much-maligned display notch

According to a report, Apple could finally be ready to ditch the largely unpopular, but largely necessary display notch when they iPhone 12 handsets roll

6 phones we’re most excited about in 2020: From iPhone 12 to OnePlus 8

From the next foldable Samsung Galaxy to the successor to the budget champion Moto G7 – what mobile tech treat will 2020 bring? With 2019

iPhone 12, iPhone 9, iPad Pro 2020 Revealed: Releasing in 2020

2020 will be the year of Apple’s products. The release of iPhone SE2 and the launch of iPhones that support 5G networks seem to be

2020 iPhone 12 mockup leak shows the iPad Pro feature we wanted

The next iPhones are still a long way off, but that hasn’t stopped numerous leaks and rumors that have them at the center. Today we’re

Apple is quietly working to make the 5G iPhone more affordable

Apple is striving not to pass the additional cost of 5G connectivity onto its customers, according to a new analyst report. Apple is looking to

Apple iPhone 12 could feature AI-boosted mist-penetrating infrared cameras

Apple has snapped up a start-up company which uses infrared imaging and machine learning to create crisper, and more lifelike photos.  UK-based Spectral Edge has

The Galaxy S11 and iPhone 12 need to be cheaper: The data proves it

Smartphone prices have been gradually going up and up in recent years, as phones get smarter and offer better cameras and features. Now, it seems,

iPhone 12 with Qualcomm in-display fingerprint scanner makes no sense

Qualcomm just recently announced the evolution of its 3D ultrasonic fingerprint scanning technology and, truth be told, we did find it to be a huge step

iPhone 12 Touch ID: Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor tipped for 2020

If you’re one of the iPhone lovers praying for the return of the Touch ID fingerprint sensors alongside Face ID, then the evidence is certainly

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G: New Android flagship chipset named

Qualcomm unveils new top-of-the-line chip to take on the Apple A13 Bionic — but it has a big potential advantage over its rival. The new flagship

A mystery fourth iPhone 12 model could land in 2020

Apple will launch four iPhone 12 models in 2020, marking a break from recent tradition, according to one noted analyst. JPMorgan analyst Samik Chatterjee says

The iPhone 12 will make one key improvement on the iPhone 11

Some key information regarding iPhone 12 specs has come out this week, though at this stage it remains an unconfirmed rumour.  Blayne Curtis, an analyst for Barclays,

Apple Foldable Phone Confirmed: High-Pixel Screen, Four-Cameras

Recently, the news about Apple’s new phone is much different. Not only the iPhone 12 series but also several new series of iPhones have been

iPhone SE 2 and next-gen iPad Pro likely to hit way before the iPhone 12

A well-regarded analyst has revealed a launch date estimate for two highly-anticipated new bits of kit from Apple — here’s what to expect. Ming-Chi Kuo has

Here’s why the iPhone 12 is set for an eye-watering price rise

Apple is already notorious for its high-priced tech, and a new report has indicated that the next range of iPhones are likely to be significantly

The iPhone 12 will beat the Galaxy S11 in two key areas, according to this ‘leak’

A fresh leak claiming the iPhone 12 family of phones will feature “industry leading” hardware when they launch next year has emerged. The latest ‘leak’

iPhone 12 2020: 5 big upgrades it needs to have

The dust might have only just settled on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, but we’re already turning our eyes to the what the inevitable iPhone 12

iPhone 12 display notch could be smaller, but it’s going nowhere

While many smartphone manufacturers are working diligently to eradicate the unloved display notch, Apple has shown little sign of ditching the feature it helped to propagate with

O2 just dropped a big hint that the iPhone 12 will be 5G compatible

O2 began rolling out its super fast 5G network today, but it wasn’t just ultrafast speeds coming to the streets of Slough that caught our attention –

10 burning Microsoft Surface Duo questions we need answered before it goes on sale

The devil is in the details. Look out Samsung Galaxy S11, iPhone 12, and Google Pixel 5: There’s a new kid in town—or at least

Huawei Mate 40 could beat the iPhone 12 in one key area

According to a new report, Huawei will introduce a new chip to the Mate 40 series that will be a truly groundbreaking step forward. It