BlackBerry Priv review: Android alone can’t save the company

Sports fans often say that their team could pull itself out of a losing streak if only it’d play that exciting but untested, kid who’s usually consigned to the bench. Gadgets fans sing a similar hymn about BlackBerry, opining that it would have remained relevant if it’d adopted Android to run on its phones. Now, several years too late, we’re going to see what the long-deposed world champion can do with the world’s most popular operating system. The result is the Priv, a premium Android smartphone-cum-hail-Mary that’s offering two things other companies can’t: Privilege and Privacy. It’s also packing a slide-out physical keyboard, a 5.4-inch curved display and, naturally, the company’s famous security software. But the device has something else that we’ve not seen in a BlackBerry phone since the launch of the Q10: the expectation that the device might actually be worth buying.

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