Pebble Time Round review: A prettier design comes with tradeoffs

Earlier this year, Pebble released two new smartwatches: The Time and the Time Steel. Both feature color e-ink displays, an updated “Timeline” interface, support for voice replies, and a new accessory port that promises to increase the watch’s functionality over time through third-party “smart straps.” But two watches wasn’t enough for Pebble. In September, the company unveiled yet another new model: the Pebble Time Round. As its name suggests, it’s basically just a circular version of the Time, and will be available in stores starting November 8th for $249. It’s also thinner, lighter and the strap comes in both 14mm and 20mm widths, making it ideal for smaller wrists. But with this more fashionable look comes a couple of concessions: it has much shorter battery life than its predecessors and isn’t nearly as water-resistant. The Time Round is, without a doubt, the best-looking device the company has ever put out, but those tradeoffs lessen its value considerably.

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