6 Reasons I’m Buying the Galaxy S8 Over the Pixel and LG G6

Every day, the Tom’s Guide team offers tons of advice on which products to buy, which ones to avoid and which ones to shoot on sight. What we talk about less often, though, are the devices we fork over our own hard-earned cash for. Since I’m about to upgrade my phone after two years, it’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is (and maybe help others decide on what to buy): So here’s why I’m planning on picking up the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Illustration: Tom's Guide

Back in April 2015, I finally upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge after using multiple iPhones and an HTC One. And over those  two years, my S6 Edge has treated me well, surviving repeated abuse both from demanding workloads and a life spent outside of a protective case. However, there’s still no cure for old age, and with my S6 Edge’s deteriorating battery life, declining processor and outdated features (such as a micro USB port), I’m ready to move on.

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