5 Reasons to Buy the HTC U12+ & 3 Reasons Not to

The HTC U12+ is one of the best smartphones released so far in 2018, but it’s not perfect. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know and help you decide if you should buy the HTC U12+. Then, share a few reasons to wait or buy something else.

With so many different options like the Galaxy S9 or OnePlus 6 with better features or a lower price, buyers have a tough choice to make.

As a brand new phone, you’ll see the HTC U12+ in online ads and on TV as you look to buy a new phone in 2018. These are its benefits, and some of the downsides.

We want to help you decide if the premium design, four cameras, big screen or neat squeezable software tricks offer enough to outweigh some of the cons. Those being a lack of carrier support, a custom skin over stock Android, and a somewhat outdated design in a world of bezel-free phones. And no, there’s no HTC U12, they just added the plus so buyers know it’s a big phone.

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