How has technology changed the gaming habits

Although we do not tend to think often about the changes brought by technology into our daily lives, if we compare how technology has changed in the last five years, we would be surprised. This is especially evident when it comes to the video game industry. It is incredible how new inventions have contributed to our understanding of what constitutes a good and quality game, and how they have adjusted the needs and desires of our gaming tools.

Quality of graphics

Most of us played early arcade games back in the day. These were the first games that did not have good graphics. However, the games themselves were a big change, so no one was inclined to raise high expectations for the visuals. However, over the years, the graphic design of games has improved significantly.

Today, game graphics are extremely advanced. The games are extremely realistic and challenging for your PC’s graphical capabilities. Overall, high quality graphics provide even greater satisfaction to gaming lovers – it lets them get into the action and forget that it is all just a game.

Sound design

Sound design is one of those things that doesn’t seem very important in a game. But only until there is an opportunity to compare games with good and bad sound design. This allows you to clearly feel the importance of the quality of game sounds and music. Actually, it is one of the crucial things which make the video game world alive.

Of course, it must be recognized that the sound quality largely depends on the audio equipment used by the gamer. Therefore, you should make sure you use high quality audio equipment for gaming.

Innovations of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) innovations have taken video gaming to an advanced stage. What is VR and AR? In short, VR creates an immersive virtual environment where 75 % of the environment you see is virtual, while AR uses a real-world scene where only 25 % is virtual. It means that an AR game takes place in the real world and VR game in a fictional one. That is why they raise the most expectations for the future of the video gaming industry. Who knows how VR and AR will shape our future?

Virtual Private Network service

One of the most significant changes in the online gaming industry has been the rise in popularity cacalof the Virtual Private Network (VPN). It helped to avoid data throttling, hiding your activity from the third-parties, including your Internet service provider and cyber attackers.

Also, Virtual Private Network has become a great tool to protect yourself against swatting and reduced high ping in many cases. For example, online gamers say that they noticed a lower ping while playing Call of Duty with a VPN. That is why online gaming is becoming unimaginable without using a VPN service.

Accessibility using Cloud technology

Cloud technology is a great innovation that allows games to run on remote servers. Why is that so important? That is because a gamer is not required to have up-to-date hardware to enjoy the newest games. Using Cloud is everything he or she needs.

So far, this is a novelty in the video gaming industry. However, it is predicted that video gaming using the cloud will grow significantly in the near future and will increase the number of gamers worldwide as well. With this kind of video gaming improvement, it is hard to predict what else we can expect in the future.

Mobile gaming

Advanced technology has made it possible to play your favorite video games wherever you are. The technological advancement of mobile phones has allowed game developers to create mobile versions of games that are in no way inferior to the ones we were used to playing on PC.

So, it can be said that after taking such a step, the gaming industry has greatly expanded. Not only the options for choosing a device have expanded, but also the number of gamers has increased significantly. Considering that people hardly ever let go of their mobile phones, it is difficult to expect that the trends in the number of game lovers could change drastically in the future.