Surface Pro Review 2017

The Surface Pro Review we have here passes judgement on the Surface Pro released in June of 2017, as first outlined earlier this year. With the newest version of the Surface Pro, Microsoft made an equivalent to the iMac G4 by combining two important elements. The Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) is both enjoyable to use in a unique way, and it’s reliable. The unique/enjoyable factor comes from the keyboard attachment – the one that doesn’t come standard with the Surface itself.

The New Keys

The iMac G4 was a computer that tossed desktop computer conventions in the trash in favor of a desktop computer that was a treat to use. Microsoft suggests that the surface of the keyboard for the Surface is meant to give the user a warm, friendly feeling when they type and use the device’s touchpad. So far, in the week-or-so I’ve had the device, the keyboard does, indeed, create a warm, friendly place for my wrists to rest whenever I’m not actively typing.

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