Razer Project Valerie hands-on: 3-screen gaming concept

The Razer Project Valerie laptop has three displays – and all three are really, truly dedicated to gaming. Each of these displays is connected to the base computer, creating a laptop that’s thicker than the company’s standard Razer Blade, but all the more versatile as a result. While this notebook isn’t the sort we’ll be trusting around clumsy miscreants while engaged, the hardware used to make this project a reality is well worth the gander.


This notebook can be used with a single display, but three displays at once is what it’s really all about. Once the notebook’s standard display is open, an automatic deployment mechanism can be pressed to extend the other two. Both extra displays mechanically slide out from behind the primary display, then inward toward the user. The result is a half-moon shape made to work with “180 degree NVIDIA Surround View gaming” technology.

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