Lenovo Yoga Book Gets Unboxing Treatment – Video preview

Lenovo’s hotly-anticipated Yoga Book still hasn’t shipped to consumers in the U.S., but our colleagues at Windows Central managed to get a unit in commercial packaging and unbox it. In a 10-minute video, Windows Central’s Zac Bowden set ups and goes hands-on with a Windows version of the Yoga Book, testing itsĀ travel-free Halo keyboard, included Wacom pen and ability to convert from laptop to tablet modes.

Available in both Android and Windows 10 versions, the Yoga Book is the first laptop to ship with a Wacom pen digitzer in lieu of a physical keyboard. You can use the included stylus to write directly on the digitizerĀ or scribble with real ink on the included notebook and have the system capture your strokes through the paper. The 10-inch, bendback 2-in-1 starts at $499 and $549 respectively, depending on the operating system.

Lenovo Yoga Book
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